Harvest Church of God - Ethiopia
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Behold the Harvest!
Pastor Hiruy Tsige
Pastor's Profile - Hiruy Tsige
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Harvest Church of God, Ethiopia – Overseer

Pastor Hiruy, born in 1950 received Theological training in England and Germany and training in IT and Linguistics in the United States of America, Advanced Leadership Training in Singapore, etc. After completion he organized and pastored the Guenet Church in Addis Ababa for five years during which the church grew from 40 to 2000.

During the communist oppression Pastor Hiruy was jailed and tortured by the regime. After being released he worked for the Bible Society of Ethiopia where he served as ‘Translator and Production Coordinator’. During this time he helped to translate one of the modern Amharic bible translations. Work with the Bible Society included further travel to the USA.

After 1992 when democracy was restored in Ethiopia, Pastor Hiruy established the Harvest Church of God (HCoGE) which now has close to 100 congregations, over 40 pre and primary schools, is involved in Street Children Ministries in Addis, and conducts HIV/AIDS awareness prevention programs in many parts of Ethiopia.

In addition to his responsibilities to HCoGE he is the Vice-Chairman of the Evangelical Church Fellowship Ethiopia that was secretly formed during the oppression. This coalition has flourished and has unified the 23 mainland evangelical protestant denominations with a membership of over 12 million.

Pastor Hiruy is a board member of African Enterprise, Ethiopia (AEE).

During his long career in ministry, he has been responsible for raising and training many leaders throughout the nation. He has traveled to and taught in many other African countries. One of these visits has included a trip to Uganda to study HIV/AIDS awareness projects run by both government and faith based organizations.

During his extensive travel Pastor Hiruy has been exposed to and gained experience in many cultures.